Delivery Truck Empire is an iOS mobile game from Playtend. I contributed custom music (as well as sfx) for the game, made for kids 4 and up. The player drives a delivery truck, picking up and dropping off packages while earning enough fuel to, as it were, keep on truckin'.

For theme music, the producers wanted something that evoked old school 8-bit chiptunes. I proposed that we marry that approach to vintage Les Paul-style country twang, and the theme came to life:

= = = = =


Above: the theme song I composed for an Android mobile game called Tree Fort Defense, developed by Interrobang LLC. The game is a physics-based castle defense scenario. The player inhabits a world built from a child's imagination; the back yard is under attack by a variety of fiendish opponents (a goblin, an anthropomorphic tree, a dragon, and many others) who want to conquer the fortress. The player hurls assorted projectiles to fend off the assault.

Given the back yard setting, I decided to use instrumentation that could actually function outdoors with no electricity: marimba, banjo, tuba, accordion, a drum kit, and some wacky percussion.

The playlist below also features some gameplay stingers I developed, plus some music cues for an envisioned Level 2 (the "Halloween level"):