GAME AUDIO: SOUND DESIGN FOR ONLINE CCG: Gritty sound effects for "Mage Rage", a web-based collectible card game from Menchie Entertainment. more info

CUSTOM MUSIC + SOUND DESIGN FOR ANIMATION: A short film about an alien and the object of his affections, by Brian Thompson over at Crash + Sues. more info

ORIGINAL MUSICAL SCORE FOR FEATURE FILM: Orchestral, psychedelia, "antique" music and more for "Into the Void" more info


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MAGE RAGE Sound design for a game by Menchie Entertainment. more info

FLUSH STUDIOS Music and sound design for some delightfully ridiculous cartoons. more info

SOLITUDE Sound design for a feature anthology horror film. more info

WHIRL Original music for children's animation. more info

FOUR LETTER LIE MUSIC VIDEO Soundscape intro: music video for "The Safest Way" by Four Letter Lie, directed by Jay Ness, premiered by Alternative Press. more info

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MUSIC FOR ANIMATION: Highlight reel of original music for the animated series "Whirl" more info

SOUND DESIGN FOR HORROR FEATURE FILM: Slasher SFX and creature voices for an anthology horror movie. more info

MUSIC + SOUND DESIGN FOR ANIMATION: Flush Studios Cartoons (NSFW/ not for kids!) more info