Above: In May of 2019, St Paul's Sisters of St Joseph of Carondelet Ministries Foundation held its Carondelet Gala, a benefit to fund its work. The organization commissioned a video to be shown at the event, commemorating the foundation's history and mission. Artist/ animator Shelby Pearson created the visuals; Mike Hallenbeck engineered the voiceover and executed the final mix at Junior Birdman Audio.

This clip is an excerpt of the full video, which can be viewed here.

More voiceover engineering by Mike Hallenbeck

More work for corporate video by Mike Hallenbeck


Above: "Beebox" is a short animation by Cable Hardin. Sound edit, original music and final mix by Mike Hallenbeck at Junior Birdman Audio. A rough-hewn tumble of organic textures, the film explores organic farming via Hardin's generation, documentation and manipulation of frenetic imagery from Blue Dasher Farm in Estelline, South Dakota.

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Above: It was a pleasure to collaborate with Caitlin Cadieux (NYC-based animator at The Atlantic + admin on motionslack.com) to bring put together this holiday greeting back in winter 2018.

I provided an original musical score, voice performance, sound effects edit, and mix for Caitlin’s lovely animation. Some of the sounds are my boots cracking the ice right here in Minneapolis, and it doesn’t get much more authentic than that.

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More sound design and music by Mike Hallenbeck for animation

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