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WARNING: Violence, gore, NSFW…

“Dual” is a short film horror film by Justin Staggs. I provided sound edit, Foley and mix at Junior Birdman Audio.

After a successful festival run (nominated for Best Director, Best SFX and Best Short Film at the HorrorHound Film Festival, and Best Short Film Music at the Filmquest Film Festival) “Dual” is now available online, having received over a million views on the horror channel Alter. You can view it below:

In the film, a child psychologist attempts to reach a troubled little boy with some very powerful “imaginary friends.” Mayhem ensues.

In the future I’ll delve into some of the more notable sonic moments. But for now, enjoy the film!

More sound edit and mix by Mike Hallenbeck for film


Playing around with some varied synth voices on a new project. The recipe cards that come with the Arturia Microbrute-- those perforated orange sheets behind the keyboard in one of the images (you put them over the console, and they’re marked up to direct knob-twiddling for the creation of certain timbres)-- allow for templates I can tweak for further editing of unique voices. Pretty cool. I’ve also looked up some patches on, and originally I was noting each URL I cribbed from for recall, but I wound up tweaking them all so much that eventually I didn’t even bother with that. Instead, the photo documentation of knob settings (plus post-it note to remind me of modulation actions) in the other image depicts the high-tech method I’m using in case I ever have to recall any of those. And of course, none of this is just an excuse to mess around with my synth. No siree Bob. Not a chance.

Screen Shot 2019-06-07 at 11.01.51 PM.png