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Playing around with some varied synth voices on a new project. The recipe cards that come with the Arturia Microbrute-- those perforated orange sheets behind the keyboard in one of the images (you put them over the console, and they’re marked up to direct knob-twiddling for the creation of certain timbres)-- allow for templates I can tweak for further editing of unique voices. Pretty cool. I’ve also looked up some patches on, and originally I was noting each URL I cribbed from for recall, but I wound up tweaking them all so much that eventually I didn’t even bother with that. Instead, the photo documentation of knob settings (plus post-it note to remind me of modulation actions) in the other image depicts the high-tech method I’m using in case I ever have to recall any of those. And of course, none of this is just an excuse to mess around with my synth. No siree Bob. Not a chance.

Screen Shot 2019-06-07 at 11.01.51 PM.png


Excerpt of a recent music composition I'm developing for Birds of the Future, an experimental performance piece by Skewed Visions. It’ll possibly appear in various iterations throughout the show. A version or two might feature live accordion performance, and/ or the original audio flipped around backwards. Hey-o.

Though it might seem a slam dunk, the final title of this piece may not in fact eventually be “Chug-A-Chug”. There’s an argument to be made that somewhere in the vast recesses of the English language, there may lurk a better title.

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