Custom musical scores for film, animation, corporate communications, games, and more.

Recent works in progress: original music

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Original scores and production library music for advertisements, corporate video, and branding. Samples below; more production music

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Simple & Playful: Quirky Electro-Pop”, a production music album by Mike Hallenbeck for the Primary library (dist. APM in U.S./ EMI Play globally). Placements include Cartoon Network, MLB, broadcast TV in Spain, UK, Germany, Switzerland, and Australia. Hear tracks

Musical accents for stingers and audiologos. Samples below; more work for branding bumpers

Scores and accents for cartoons and narrative animation. Samples below; more music for animation

Original music for narrative film and documentaries. Samples below; more original musical scores for film

Custom music for gaming. Themes and accents to set the tone, build tension, and enrich player intimacy. Samples below; more work for games